Saturday, August 18, 2012


Do you like travelling, heading off on a journey?

Sometimes I dread them, sometimes I can't wait to get started on them. Journeys can be a time of tremendous stress. If you're running late, aren't sure where you're going, or suffer a breakdown of some description journeys can at the very least raise the blood pressure to unhealthy levels! When you're trying to keep children entertained, are in the company of grumpy relatives or are just overtired from a particularly long, hot trip they can be a blood boiling experience.

On the other hand they can be a rewarding, eye opening adventure. Journeys can be the perfect excuse for handing yourself over to someone else and literally hopping on for the ride.

They can be an opportunity for reflection, day dreaming, anticipation and relaxation. You can spend hours briefly caught up watching snapshots of other peoples lives, observing mankind in all shapes and forms. You can watch unfamiliar landscapes whizz by, experience a myriad of weather systems, listen to a colourful array of accents and breath in new and unfamiliar scents.

So what kind of traveller are you? Are you a willing one?


  1. That's a great question Dee, will ponder it now:~)

    1. ...I suspect you're an observer on a journey too Catherine :-)

  2. Just published a post inspired by this post :) Am really enjoying your new blog xx


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