This is the place that I'm supposed to tell you all about me, what makes me tick and influences my posts but that's a difficult one. There's not much to say. I'm just an Essex girl who moved to Ireland 15 years ago for love and a quiet family life and is here to stay.

I'd like to say that as I grow older I become more reflective but that's not strictly true... I've always had a philosophical approach to life, the internet has helped me find links to it.

Part of me wants to remain shyly anonymous, keep this as a quiet place where I can let my thoughts fly and where I can experiment with my beginners photography.

Part of me doesn't want you to know me, but...

part of me does.

As a blogger it matters to know that you've found my posts, that perhaps you might like some of them and it wouldn't be truthful to say that it doesn't.

If I didn't want you to read my words, look at my photos I'd write a personal diary with a lock and key, not a blog that anyone can see.

It makes me smile when I notice that you've stumbled by.

If you like anything you've seen or read something that compels you to leave a comment, all the better.

So I only share the posts on social media the day they're published and let them go.

If you're on twitter you can say hello here and if you want to use any of my pictures you can email me here.

Thanks for getting this far :)

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