Saturday, June 8, 2013


Twitter: a largely unchecked and untempered kaleidoscopic hotbed of subconscious thoughts that are unleashed to an unsuspecting world at the tap of a few keys.

It's a place where news is shared, friendships made and broken, campaigns built, blogs released, love, laughter, bullying and buttering up, as well as advice, kindness and support freely given.

It's where personalities can sink or shine.

It's free. It's intoxicating. It's addictive.

Not so long ago humanity walked around carrying it's hopes and dreams tucked safely away inside it's protective cranium but Twitter has liberated them, for better or worse. Thoughts zoom around the globe in seconds, where once they were quietly and safely allowed to rest.

Twitter is a living, breathing, electronic web of words that interconnect and bind us. Sometimes however, sentences just stop, lay to rest, hang there unanswered reminding as that there may be millions of us out there, awake day and night checking and scrolling through the images and words but ultimately we are alone.

Where is this new global brain leading us? Can we get off? Do we want to get off?


  1. May not get off, but at least we can block or unfollow

    1. It's my favourite form of social media Susan and one of the first I check. Can't imagine life without it and would be an interesting experiment to delete the apps for a week *starts to shake at the thought ;)


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