Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Being Wrong

How easy do you find it to admit that a perception you've had was wrong?

Have you ever been so convinced, so certain about something, only to have a change of heart that makes you doubt your conviction?

We grow up hearing the phrase 'trust your instincts' and as we grow older we turn to them more often. However, what if we wholeheartedly believe and trust in them only to realise we (or they) had got it wrong? What then?

Admitting we've got something wrong can be very difficult and for some impossible - they might never manage it. If foot shuffling children can find it hard to admit to, what hope is there for anyone else, particularly if they've been brought up in an environment that doesn't change its mind?

It's not so much the getting it wrong part that leaves you feeling uncomfortable (though that's bad enough). The egg on the face, bottom squirming discomfort as you stutter out the words, the gleeful expression (real or imagined) from the other parties when you tell them you've changed your mind. That's easy in comparison to what's going on inside.

You've listened to your instinct, that sixth sense that has kept you safe and secure for all these years... and it was wrong. You had a gut clenching feeling that you were adamantly sure you were right about, only to find it wasn't real after all. You. Were. Wrong.

That's the world rocking bit. That's what completely knocks you off kilter. Will you ever trust your instincts again.

How on earth do you ever get over that?\

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