Wednesday, August 15, 2012


How fragile our confidence can be.

One moment we're laughing, happy, carefree and safe in the knowledge of our own existence. We plod through life, tackling the usual tasks or even unusual ones that are thrown at us, then poof, something out of the ordinary happens, our world is rocked and we flounder.

We question our ability, who we are, the very cornerstone of our existence. We shy away from new things no longer trusting our instincts. We want to cocoon ourselves and hide away, our confidence crushed.

But we can't.

On the outside it appears as if nothing has changed, we're still the sunny, accomplished people we always were, but inside we're shaken and numb.

Confidence is about how we see ourselves at any one particular moment in time. How others perceive us can be quite different.


  1. This is the story of my life Dee.
    Love your new blog x

  2. Thank you Mona, took a big dollop of it to do it. Look forward to seeing yours :-)x

  3. Enjoying the new blog, Dee, & the design is perfect for what you are doing, I think! (I just now got to view it on laptop vs mobile) Thanks for having TOB & VI on the blogroll, look forward to catching up together soon xx

    1. Thanks Suz, yes seems ages since we last met!


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