Sunday, August 12, 2012


When our soul has been hurt we have a perspective. We view the people that have hurt us in a certain way. We may hate them, obsess about them, feel wounded or betrayed by them. We may wallow in self pity, our negative thoughts overwhelming us with their bitterness, or we may pretend that everything's fine in an attempt to protect ourselves. It may take months, years even to forget and perhaps to forgive those who have bruised our inner selves/ Depending upon the severity of the hurt, forgiveness may never even come/

But distance can heal. It can give us a fresh insight to view our world. Space may be all that's needed to free us of our heady trap, to help us see clearly, to unlock our minds.

If you've been hurt, whether in a small, seemingly inconsequential manner or in a majorly, heart clenching painful way, perhaps putting some physical distance between you and your distress may ust give you a new perspective.

You never know, it may be all you need to start the healing process.


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