Tuesday, February 5, 2013


There's something quite magical about snow when it first arrives.

We've been watching and waiting for a different perspective on our dull, wet, winter landscape, enviously eavesdropping on pictures and stories of sledging and snowmen from our English neighbours.

Last night the snow arrived. Briefly so it seems. It came in drifts. 
Soft, white, puffy, fluffy snowflakes carried on ferociously icy, cold northern winds.

A contradiction....

We awoke to a magical wonderland.

And despite wails from our children at being packed off to school, their own thoughts of carrot noses, twiggy hair and stony eyes dashed by wicked, cruel parents,
I'm kind of glad the snow's not here to stay. That it will be paying just a brief visit.

Memories of being snowed in, playing family board games, baking biscuits and brewing hot chocolate, hearing the walls ring with laughter from exhilaration at snowy frolics and then wiping tears as frozen fingertips begin to thaw... those thoughts are tinged with fears.

  The fear of dwindling supplies, gas bottles freezing and water pipes bursting. Fear of driving on roads that leave bodies stiff with tension as hills and lanes are cleared and we no longer have an excuse to stay cozy and warm in front of log fires.

No, I'm kind of glad the snow's not here to stay.

But I am smiling and enjoying every moment of our sparkly, transformed world.

Even if it's just for one day...


  1. Love the blog Dee, you got a "bit" more snow than us ;0)You are right, it is very beautiful but often better as a fleeting visitor when life needs to go on around us! Lovely photos!

    1. Thanks Naomi, kind of you to say :~)Yes, fleeting visitor is good!


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